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We are a team with years of experience in advertising, graphic design and marketing that decided to start from scratch, to walk away from our comfort zone and get a new face for this new stage that we are walking into.


A great job can only be achieved through hard work on all of its aspects; design, content and strategy. We are a strong team all around the world working together as one, learning from the great experiences that the journeys of discovery give us.

Nicolás Mendeguía

Creative Director


“Defender of the written word. A distant land venturer, drinking from the waters of inspiration one trip at a time”

María Belén Suhr

Marketing Communications Manager


“Passionate about the language and its rich ways of expression; I seek the strategy, the strength and the art behind the science.”

Matías Suhr

Art Director


“An experienced warrior in a neverending quest to master the arts of visual communication. His ink is feared by every blank sheet of paper.”

Tamara Chorny

Graphic Designer


“The world reveals to us in intricate colours and shapes. It is through design that I get the marvelous chance to work and play with these forces.”

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PH: +61 411 287 231